Stacey N:

“In the end she saved him without any medication or any hospital stay. She taught him how to walk away from the monster that consumed him and how to become whole again. I thank God for Lisa and her compassion everyday day.”

Anthony Rinaldi:

“In under a year a problem that had eluded my family, friends, and every specialist money could buy vanished before my eyes! It all happened because Lisa Ellis actually took the time to listen to me and take my symptoms seriously.”

Janis A.:

“Lisa is able to make incremental suggestions that really work – ones that are doable not drastic; that respect the individual’s emotional needs; and that promote mindful, not restricted, eating. She is helping me put food in a healthy place in my life.”

Jackie Kaplan:

“I have been a patient of Lisa Ellis for six months. In that short time, she has completely changed the way I look at and feel about food. I have tried all the fad diets in the past and have never felt success. With Lisa, I have lost 35 pounds. I have never felt hungry, unsatisfied, or deprived of foods. She is a pleasure to work with, truly modifying each plan to suit the needs of each patient. She spends time to get to know your needs and addresses them. I have not only lost the weight, but learned to eat successfully again….and I owe this to Lisa’s Plan!”

Iris Driesden:

“Dieting most of my life, I maintained my weight until aging and other physical consequences of time caught up with me. Despite dieting, exercising, and “being careful” of what I ate, I watched as the scale continued to display higher numbers much to my dismay. Frustrated and fed-up, I decided to heed a friend’s recommendation and scheduled a visit with Lisa Ellis. In the beginning I wanted a quick fix, but with Lisa’s guidance I was able to lose twenty two pounds over a period of under a year. Adjusting my lifestyle and following her “slow is good” philosophy, I have easily maintained my new lighter self, adhering to her proper dietary routine. I continue to enjoy this new way of life and find that the simplicity and ease of the lifestyle go hand-in-hand with feeling better both physically and mentally.”

Aimee Miralles:

“In December of 2009 I had hit an all time low point in my lifelong struggle with food, and weight loss. I was heavier than I had ever been, I felt tired, old and awful I was tormented daily by knowing that I couldn’t go on like this and feeling helpless to actually do anything about it that could work in the long term. I had attempted every diet out there at least once, diet pills, hard exercise and could never sustain my interest or success for very long. Each time I stopped a diet, I would go into a tailspin – binge eating and gaining even more weight than before. During a conversation (well actually I was probably whining) with a good friend, she asked me to call Lisa. My friend had been seeing Lisa for a while and had great results. I decided that 2010 was the year I would change the way I operated around food and fitness.

I started seeing Lisa in January of 2010 and I remember our first conversation well. After I downloaded about my years of yo-yo dieting, binge eating and everything in between, Lisa looked me in the eye and said “You’ve talked a lot about ‘being on the wagon’ and ‘being off the wagon’ …we’re going to get rid of the wagon.” From that day on, with her help, I started to change my relationship with food, exercise and life. I learned how to eat, how to plan for the exceptional occasions, how to regain my footing when I had deviated.

I have lost 25 pounds since that January visit and my journey is far from over but the difference today is that I have a coach who is helping me reach my goals and to maintain them for life. What a gift – thank you Lisa!”

Soledad Kaplan:

“I have worked with my nutritionist, Lisa Ellis, for over 2 years. She is a Registered Dietitian and a true professional. She approaches her work in a sincere and serious manner. She does not sell fad diets or wonder pills. She does bring a wealth of scientific knowledge and experience to her work which is to help people appropriately manage their diet and their weight.

I have lost 22 pounds during the past 2 years, I have kept the weight off, and I have been taught and learned an intelligent routine that allows me to keep it off. I now eat in a manner that helps me to sustain and improve my health. She has worked with me at my level and pace meeting the requirements of my daily rountine and activities. I look forward to our appointments. She is very gentle, easy to talk to and sweet. She is also dedicated to her work, and consistent with follow up appointments.”